History of EOA

Economic Opportunity Agency of Northwest Arkansas is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income households in the region succeed. By administering a range of programs designed to address the roots of poverty, we can direct more of each program’s funds toward assisting those in need, rather than toward administration.

Since 1966, EOA has helped thousands of families avoid going on welfare, or move away from that assistance to independence. EOA is not in the business of giving handouts; we believe that handouts don’t help people over the long term.

Instead, EOA programs provide child care, crisis assistance, opportunities to volunteer, and support in pursuing home ownership, education, or business ownership. Through education and economic support that empowers low-income families, we enrich Northwest Arkansas as a whole by bringing more qualified workers out of poverty and into the larger community.

EOA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which is responsible for long-term direction and goals. Day to day operations are overseen by an Executive Director and the Directors of the component programs of EOA. An annual audit is conducted by an independent CPA firm, and EOA has won perfect scores for the accuracy of our financial records.