EOA Heating and Energy Assistance (LiHEAP)



We MUST have Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Birthdates for EVERYONE living in your household.  If you can’t provide us with this information along with a completely filled out application form, Federal Law prevents us from processing your application.
Please bring a picture ID with you.

You MUST have the following information to apply for LiHEAP Assistance:

Proof of income for all household members 18 years or older for the previous month:
This includes all check stubs that have a pay date in the previous month.
If check stubs are not available, an earnings statement must be completed by your employer.

Proof of child support if both biological parents are not in the home:
You need to bring a child support statement from the Office of Child Support
This is required even if you do not receive any child support or have an open case.
We also need a statement from DHS that states whether or not you receive
TEA/Work Pays.

Proof of unemployment for all household members 18 years or older that are unemployed:
This is required even if you do not receive any unemployment benefits.
You will need to go to the unemployment office and they can print out what you
have or have not received in the last month. Please note that you will need 2 forms
of ID to get your printout from the unemployment office.
If you have lost your job within the last 60 days we will need an unemployment
printout in addition to a statement and any income that was received in the previous
If anyone is a full time student who is unemployed they will also need a letter from
the school, or schools, they attend declaring that he or she is a full-time student.

Proof of Social Security, Retirement, Pensions, Workman’s Comp. or Disability:
You will need a copy of your award letter for the current year.
We can not accept a copy of your bank statement.
To request your SS or SSI award letter, go to www.socialsecurity.gov/beve or call

Proof of Utility Allowance:
If you live in government housing or receive rental assistance, we need a letter
from the Housing Authority that states whether or not you receive a utility
reimbursement check.
Even if you do not receive a reimbursement check each month, we still need a
letter from them stating that you do not get a utility reimbursement check.

If you have no Income:
We need proof of how you have been paying your bills.  If someone has helped
you, we need a statement completed from each person who helped
you in the previous month by contributing to your household income.
We also need you to get an unemployment printout for all people living in your


The Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program provides payments for utilities used for heating homes directly to the utility companies, allowing low income families in Northwest Arkansas to heat their homes during the winter.

Winter Assistance helps low-income families pay their utility bills. Crisis Assistance helps those who are in danger of having their heat shut off, or who have run out of fuel for their heating systems.

LiHEAP assistance is available for households using electricity, natural gas, wood, or propane to heat their homes. The program begins in January each year, and assistance is given until the funds available are depleted.

Families receiving government assistance will receive an application form in the mail and may not need to apply in person. Other households may apply for assistance as well.

How LiHEAP Works

The Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance program helps low-income households with their energy costs in winter as part of the federal Low Income Home Energy Program. Families receiving food stamps or having an elderly or disabled person in the household and those who are facing utilities shut-off or need wood or propane for heat may apply for assistance.

Criteria for eligibility:

– You must live in Washington County. The Low Income Home Energy Program is
available elsewhere, but EOA administers it for Washington County only.
– Your household income must be 125% of the government-defined poverty level, or
less. The 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines are shown in the table below:

Persons in family Poverty guideline
1 $11,670
2 $15,730
3 $19,790
4 $23,850
5 $27,910
6 $31,970
7 $36,030
8 $40,090

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $3,960 for each additional person.

How to apply

Apply at the Family Resource Center
614 East Emma
Springdale, Arkansas

Visit between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. to apply for assistance. If your work schedule interferes with your application, you may send someone with all needed documents and a signed letter giving your permission for that person to apply on your behalf.

What to bring:
You must bring proof of your income and household size. Pay stubs or tax return forms provide proof of income. If you have no income, bring proof of your means of support.

  • Bring your most recent utility bill
  • For Crisis Assistance, you must bring a shut-off notice
  • Bring a picture ID
  • If additional information is needed, you will have 10 days to provide it