EOA Children’s House

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Children’s House provides therapy and long-term care to abused children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Working with families, Children’s House gives abused children the support they need through therapy, classes, meals, and daily care in a safe environment.

Since 1978, EOA’s Children’s House has provided all the care needed for the youngest victims of abuse in a single location, lessening the stress of their lives. Now, with the new Pat Walker Children’s House facility, Children’s House continues to help abused children get back on track to healthy, productive lives.

The world has been frightening and dangerous for many of the children who come to Children’s House. Children’s House staff use proven techniques and therapies to reverse the trauma of abuse and neglect. Each child receives a customized treatment plan to heal the damage he or she has sustained. Wholesome meals, educational and therapeutic services, occupational and speech therapy, safe play spaces, and increasing community awareness of child abuse and neglect are all part of the Children’s House scope.

Children's House in the Pat Walker Center for ChildrenIn order to break the cycle of child abuse, Children’s House also works with the families of the abused children. Caregivers learn the skills they need to provide appropriate care for the children at home, or the children are placed in new, stable family environments.

Your help and support are needed to keep these services available in Northwest Arkansas. Volunteers and donations are welcome. Visit the EOA Children’s House website for more information.